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research coalition


› Shared pool of trading ideas

› Cost effective use of a full research and development team

› Gain access to new and innovative trading strategies

› Receive full support with the implementation of these strategies


why catalyst

The Institutional Research Coalition (IRC) is a shared benefit of algorithmic, quantitative and other technical trading strategies thought up by institutional trading outfits and developed by Catalyst Research Group. This coalition allows those within the group to benefit from the ideas of others backed by the cost effective use of the Catalyst Research development team.

Those within the coalition will be allocated one new strategy or idea to be developed, tested and reported on each quarter. At the end of each month, a report will be released to all members consisting of 3-5 new strategies or out of the box quantitative approaches towards trading.


As a member of the coalition, you will receive 3-5 new algorithmic strategies and comprehensive performance reports each month outlining past performance and forward testing performance as well as implied benefits for the implementation of each strategy and how it would benefit a trading strategy as a whole. The reports showcase implied algorithmic and technical 'truths' or 'falses' that can be implemented by a trading outfit.

Each strategy developed will be ready to be deployed and given full use rights to all within the coalition.

Strategies may be revisited in future months to achieve more favorable results depending on the strategy load at each given month.


In order to become a member of the coalition we request that you are active in investment management entity and are formally recognized by your state of operation.

As a member of the Research Coalition, your only obligation is the contribution of no less than two algorithmic or strategic trading strategy ideas per year. Your contribution to the coalition will be developed, tested and thoroughly researched by Catalyst Research Group and released at the end of each month accompanied by a full report.

The results of each idea submitted to the coalition will be accessible to all members. All members will remain completely anonymous and is limited to no more than 20 members at one time.


Members within the coalition start at just $800 per month and provides full access to our historical reports database as well as new reports each month. Special programming and testing requests are available and will be subject to additional costs which will be discussed prior to beginning each project.

$2,000/m - Monthly membership
$1,500/m ($4,500 due at signing) - Quarterly membership
$1,200/m ($7,200 due at signing) - Biannual membership
$800/m ($9,600 due at signing) - Annual membership


To learn more about the Research Coalition, please continue to our information request form.



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